Netherlands 2019
Netherlands 2019


I give 120% of myself to this job. I love this job and the rewards I receive when students tell me that I was one of the best instructors they've encountered.

I am dedicated to helping others in this profession acquire the skills necessary to use the SAP accounting and planning applications.

The Story

My career did not start with teaching Finance and Business Planning and Consolidations at SAP.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I actually started in accounting or bookkeeping while I was in high school. I took a job as a cashier at a men's clothing store. Management found I could support the bookkeeper and balance and reconcile the day's receipts. I liked working with numbers and I was very good at it. They taught me how to use the ten-key with my right hand (but I am left-handed.) So cool.

However, when I graduated from HS, accounting was no where on my radar. Due to decisions made at the time it would not be another 15 years and a long journey before I received my accounting degree and subsequent master's degree a year later. Before receiving my degrees I did not stop working in the accounting profession or going to school.

When I graduated from Georgia State University with my master's degree, I used their job bank and searched for an SAP training position. One hit came up. I applied and got hired. That was in 1997. A year and half later, I was hired by SAP. A company I loved working for. 7 years after that I was at a point to leave and become a third party contractor and that's where I am now and loving every minute of my life. Yes, I work to live and spend down time pursuing other interests.

You will not be disappointed. Contact me and let's chat about how I might assist.

Meet the Team

Well, I am a one woman operation.

Keukenhof Gardens, 03.2019

Jolyn Barrow


SAP trainer and educator.